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Overseas Passenger Terminal

Location Details
The Rocks, Sydney
Telephone Details
Not Applicable
Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Not Applicable
Admission Fee
Not Applicable

Getting There

By Bus

Sydney Bus
Nearest bus stop is Argyle Street / George Street, Route 339-340, 431-434, X39
Explorer Bus
Sydney Explorer, stop #1 or Bondi & Bay Explorer, stop #1

By Train

City Rail
Nearest train station is Circular Quay
The Overseas Passenger Terminal is where some of the world's luxury cruise liners, including the Queen Elisabeth II, berth during their stay in Sydney. It is well worth taking the escalator to the top deck where the view overlooks the harbour and in particular to Bennelong Point where the Opera House is situated. There are also several nice waterfront restaurants at the terminal's northern end.

Map of Overseas Passenger Terminal


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