Top Document Services Necessary for Every Business


Just about every business out there has documents that need to be protected and archived. Whether the documents are paper or digital, there are tonnes of solutions out there to help your business. However, choosing what services are right for your business can be tough.

There are just too many document services out there. To help your business find the right document services. We’ve highlighted three of the most important services for your business.

These three services will protect your documents and help you transition from paper to digital. Before we cover these three important managed print services, it’s important to ask the following questions:

What is the budget for my company? What types of documents am I looking to scan and protect? What type of hardware (computers, scanners, printers) does my company use?

Answering these questions will help you determine what document services are right for your business.

And now, here are the top three document services.

1). Scanners. Document scanning solutions may allow you to take advantage of financial deregulation in order to enhance your firm’s efficiency. Systems that allow for the scanning of physical financial documents-checks, receipts, forms that can then be electronically sent to institutions or processed on site, can reduce waiting time from days to mere minutes, allowing business to increase their rate of operation.

Many firms have scanning equipment, but occasionally experience periods of vastly increased the need for capacity. In case such as these, it may be more cost-effective to rent high-end equipment rather than purchase it. A document scanning solution that is appropriate here would include a consultation to ensure the proper mix of scanners was delivered to the necessary location. By renting high volume scanners, you could complete tasks with greatly enhanced speed and accuracy, without incurring the full cost of such equipment.

2). Document Management Solutions. As much small and medium business adopt a distributed teamwork model (virtual assistants, flextime workers, multi-nation teams) web-based solutions become more important. Document management solutions are no different.

They require no client software installation and can be accessed securely from any connected device. Elimination of support and client-side upgrades means that cost is reduced even further.

3). Business continuity solution. When you have come to rely on document management and scanning software as crucial assets of your business, any disruption in service can be incredibly dangerous, resulting in loss of revenue and disappointed clients. A business continuity solution addresses this issue by providing true disaster recovery and regular backups of information. If a server should go down or be physically damaged, this solution will ensure that your business can continue.

All of the above solutions can be combined in a number of permutations for companies that require end-to-end, robust systems. Working with document management software vendors will help you find the right solution. Depending on the comfort level of your firm, you can outsource all your scanning needs or only those that are beyond your staff’s ability to reasonably handle on a day-to-day basis.

The range of document solutions is true as broad as the imagination of business owners and solution providers. By carefully thinking through exactly what your needs are as a businessperson, you can set yourself up to receive the ideal document scanning solution for your business.

Creating quality content to grow your brand

Web content is typically used in online marketing strategies in order to support incoming site or blog traffic, generate awareness of a service or product and improve a site’s search rankings. The marketing effectiveness of content creation, however, depends on the correct strategy being used by the particular business or content company regardless of whether the business is a bricks and mortar type or an e-commerce or another kind of online store.


Keys to successful Content creation

Identify The Audience: To send a proper and effective message a business must accurately identify the audience with whom it is delivering the information.

Style Guide: To develop a business’ overall brand and ensure the same message is being delivered through each method and channel being utilised, content compatibility is critical. To ensure consistency in a message, style elements must be determined upon before the creation process begins. Such elements include tone of voice, words to be used and choice of language.

New Content: Just like product sold in a market, online content must be preserved if it is to attract the attention of the target audience, and encourage them to return for more relevant information in the future. Unique content also needs to be insightful so that it provides information that readers will find useful and want to learn more about. In this age of information, content is not just about what the business wants to relay, but rather, what the audience or searchers want or need. As a marketing tool, content must dispatch the value of the business, its services, and products, along with the business’ niche authority, to the targeted consumer in a way that’s informative. Once they appreciate the value of a business, the audience will take the next step — following a ‘call to action’ more easily.

Ongoing Development: Just as consumer behaviour undergoes changes, so too do market conditions — which need to meet new challenges and increased competition. This calls for the continuous creation of new content in order to keep the consumer informed. The creators of such content must also undergo a continuous learning process by searching for and researching quality sources of authoritative information so that data can be obtained for the new content. This self-education results in new approaches and aspects to writing about while offering a way to build on previously acquired information, allowing the content creator to enhance their authority and credibility with the audience.

Reusing Content: With imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness, old content can have new life breathed into it. Repurposing or reusing content can come in the form of images being converted into slide show presentations, video clips can be arranged as part of a webinar series, and text entries can be incorporated into newsletters and eMagazines.

Ideally, the responsibility of content creation should only be assigned to a team or person who either has an understanding of your industry and establishment or who has the capacity to conduct the necessary research to learn about it.

While many large organisations provide their clients content creation services through an in-house development team, it’s important to remember that aside from adequate service/product knowledge and writing skills, such staff members must also have a solid grasp of best practices regarding SEO (search engine optimisation). Perhaps more importantly, they need to be motivated to expend the time that is needed to stay up to date with changing trends in premium content creation.

An increasing number of businesses, both online and offline contact me to create customised content for them, continuing the global practice of outsourcing tasks that require specific expertise.

Whether you have your own content writing staff or you commission a content writing service, it’s critical that they have full comprehension of the special strategies that need to be used in the online business world.